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You can Achieve Greatness with these 5 Simple Steps

It’s hard to define greatness because it’s very personal. Greatness isn’t reserved for people who change the world or make revolutionary discoveries.  Anyone can achieve greatness.

Your personal greatness may be providing for your family. It could be standing out and shining in your job or advocating for a cause you’re passionate about.

Regardless of how you define your own greatness, there are 5 common steps that will help you achieve it.  They’re simple and easy to practice on a daily basis and require   no drastic changes to your lifestyle. But they have the power to change you from the inside out and propel you towards your personal success and greatness.  

1. Practice visualisation

Visualisation wires your brain to manifest your goal and dreams. This is a scientifically backed fact.

When you visualise something often enough, your brain perceives it as a reality. It starts to form ‘neural pathways’ that gear your actions and behaviours towards maintaining that reality.

Take a few moments each day to visualise the outcome of achieving greatness. Where will you be? How will you feel? How will you be acting and behaving? Who are the people in your life?

Create vivid scenarios and let your imagination run wild. The flood of positive emotions and joy will tell your brain that this is something that’s good for you. It will keep you motivated and inspired and work tirelessly to turn your thoughts into reality.

2. Practice gratitude

Learning to appreciate the things and people in your life creates a remarkable cycle of positivity. Gratitude fosters hope and optimism. It fosters humility and acceptance. It breeds kindness, tolerance and empathy – all of these are key character qualities that signify greatness.

Keep a gratitude journal and record 3-5 things you’re thankful for every day. This will train you to find the positives in even the toughest days.

Being thankful for the abundance already in your life also kills toxic emotions like greed, jealousy and envy. These are emotions that make achieving greatness an impossibility.  

3. Stay curious

Truly great people never lose their childish wonder and curiosity. They never stop perceiving life as a thrilling adventure to be explored and enjoyed to its fullest.

Never let negative experiences turn you into a jaded cynic. Life, despite its pitfalls and tragedies is abundant with opportunities to find joy and fulfillment.

Stay curious and playful and give rein to your adventurous spirit. This will keep you young at heart and eager to take on all that life brings you.

4. Step out of the box

Nothing hinders the achievement of greatness more than fear. For many of us, stepping out of our comfort zone is scary because it means taking risks.

Thinking out of the box often means taking risks and going against the norm. It builds courage, self-confidence and gradually dispels your fear of the unknown.

Start small by finding new and innovative ways to do every day mundane tasks. Next move on to engaging in activities that are totally new and a little bit uncomfortable. Speak in public, learn martial arts or try bungee jumping.

The further out of our comfort zone you go, the more you’ll learn to confront setbacks and pitfalls with courage and a proactive mindset.

5. Challenge yourself

Never be content with what you’ve achieved. That’s not to say you shouldn’t take pride in your successes. Celebrate them and give yourself a pat on the back; but never be content to rest on your laurels.

Challenge yourself constantly by creating new, more ambitious goals and projects. Keep the ball rolling by tacking new skills, keeping your current skills sharp and in short, never stop growing.

Regardless of what your greatness involves, always remind yourself that the sky’s the limit.


Only you can define what your greatness looks like. You’ll recognize when you’re starting to achieve it because these practices will gradually change and transform you.

You’ll be filled with optimism, gain wisdom and fortitude. Success will come more easily as your greatness grows.

Finally, adopting these habits will bring you something truly priceless – peace of mind, fulfillment and joy. These are the real marks of your personal greatness.

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