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In an increasingly busy world, it is not uncommon to find yourself in the middle of a workday, realising you’ve accomplished nothing!

While managing time is an important skill, what’s missing is managing your attention.

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The Neuroscience of Flow States: Unlock Deep Focus with Habit Changes

By Phil Charles | 23 November 2023

The neuroscience of flow states has recently captured the interest of researchers and the general public alike. A flow state, often called in the zone, is a psychological phenomenon where an individual becomes fully absorbed in a task, experiencing deep focus and optimal performance. This intriguing state of mind enhances productivity and contributes to a…

How does managing your attention improve your focus?

By Phil Charles | 9 February 2022

Simply put, attention management refers to the process of deciding what is allowed to take up your focus throughout the day. Maura Thomas, the author of Attention Management, says that “it’s about regaining control over your attention and thereby taking control of your life.”  While time management is often discussed concerning productivity, it does not always…

What Happens If You Don’t Pay Attention to The Important Things?

By Phil Charles | 8 February 2022

Everyone is busy, and sometimes it can be difficult to balance everything you need to in life. But when you are dropping the ball on something important, this could be bad, very bad. Keep reading to find out more about the consequences of failing to pay attention to the important things in life.  What Are…

How Can You Stay More Present in the Moment?

By Phil Charles | 7 February 2022

The term “live in the moment” is often associated with mindfulness or living mindfully. It is the ability to pay attention at the moment without judgment. A centred, conscious lifestyle frees your mind, prevents you from dwelling on the past, and enables you to stop worrying about the future.  The past and the future are…

Why is Managing your Attention Important? 

By Phil Charles | 6 February 2022

Most people seem to go through life at a frantic pace, trying to accomplish more and more in a twenty-four-hour period without ever getting it done.  Researchers have concluded that it is not time management that we need to incorporate into daily routines, but attention management. Attention management is the concept that you control what…

How Can You Maximise Your Focus?

By Phil Charles | 5 February 2022

Being surrounded by constant distractions can make staying on task extremely challenging. The advancements in technology in today’s society have made it increasingly easier to be connected, which can interfere with your focus. Distraction is too readily available, whether checking your phone notifications or emails that pop up during quiet times. However, some ways allow…

Managing Your Attention is More Important Than Managing Your Time

By Phil Charles | 4 February 2022

Are you ever left thinking that there aren’t enough hours in the day to get everything that you need to get done finished?  The reality is, it isn’t time you need to learn to manage to get more out of your day, but rather you need to learn to manage your attention to get more…

5 Distractions You Need to Remove from Your Life

By Phil Charles | 3 February 2022

Does it feel like you can’t ever get anything done? Chances are, this is because you have far too many distractions in your life.  Five distractions you should work to eliminate from your life right away.  Social Media. How many hours do you spend scrolling through the digital realm instead of enjoying your life? Do you…

4 Tips on How to Maintain Focus

By Phil Charles | 1 February 2022

When it comes to maintaining focus, many distractions get in the way and keep you from achieving your goals. Whether it be the constant dialogue running through your mind or the notifications going off on your phone, concentrating for any period can be quite challenging.  Simply knowing that you have things to accomplish may not…

4 Important Things That Deserve Your Full Attention

By Phil Charles | 1 February 2022

Life is short, and the reality is that you may feel like you are running out of time to do all the things you want to accomplish. It’s okay to drop things that aren’t that important and delay some things until another day. Here are the four important things that need your full attention, which…