December 6


Continuing your education?

The academic curriculum cannot keep pace with the demands of industry, nor the demands of working professionals.

The content of undergraduate education has diminished over the course of the past few decades – primarily in an effort to reduce the cost burden (to government and students), produce more graduates, and maintain the financial outcomes for universities.

As a result of the explosion of knowledge, the rapid rise in information technology and the growing complexity of the industry, the job performed by professionals will continue to be increasingly demanding.

Professionals today must possess both, a greater breadth of capability, a greater depth of specialised technical and strategic knowledge.

For example, increases in investment in transport over the past decade have placed demands on government, consultants, contractors and suppliers to recruit more transport professionals. There are not enough skilled and educated people to go around.

So people are moving into the high demand areas, but now need to gain the breadth and depth of knowledge and skills to fulfil their job demands.

How do you develop your skills and knowledge and stay current in your field?

How do you broaden your knowledge and understanding about related fields – more and more we need to be a specialist in a particular area, but also have a broad knowledge of our industry?

The answer is a combination of taking short courses, attending seminars and conferences, reading books and journals, and/or undertaking full-time studies.



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