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What are Six Daily Habits that will Cultivate Grit?

Grit is a mindset that combines mental toughness, resilience, self-confidence and self-control among other things.

Developing Grit can improve your life on every level, from fuelling career success to strengthening your relationships. In a nutshell, Grit allows you to achieve your greatness by becoming your best and performing at your peak.

You’d think that such a powerful mindset requires months of training and complicated exercises and time-consuming strategies.  Surprisingly, Grit is so easy to cultivate that even a child can do it. Practice these six daily habits and in no time, you’ll start growing your Grit! 

Habit 1: Reframe setbacks. 

It’s a given that not a single day will flow perfectly smoothly. There’s bound to be some issue that rains on your parade.

Your job is to stay alert for these setbacks and see them as opportunities for reframing. Yes, reframing means finding positive opportunities in setbacks. It involves asking yourself the following: What lessons can be learned from this? How can this be avoided in the future? What are the positives to be gained? 

When you learn to reframe small daily setbacks in this way, you’ll be more than ready for more serious ones and quickly be able to confront them head-on and quickly resolve them.

Habit 2: Do one uncomfortable thing.

Look for an opportunity to do one thing that takes you out of your comfort zone. For example, have a conversation with that really obnoxious person in your office, or smile at three strangers in the street.

This is great training for calmly and proactively navigating through any uncomfortable or embarrassing situation. Rather than shy away from difficult or sensitive decisions or delay taking action, you’ll feel more comfortable dealing with things outside your comfort zone.

You can take this habit even further by finding more challenging opportunities such as speaking in public, singing at weddings or attend social events outside of your normal circle.

Habit 3: Remember your purpose every day.

Your purpose is your life goal, the pinnacle of success that you want to attain. But sometimes, we might get derailed by circumstances.

We may be obliged to work at jobs unrelated to our purpose. Illness, loss or simply day-to-day family and professional obligations can also side-track us.

Wherever you are in your life, keeping your purpose alive is what will keep you going. Keeping your goals top of mind will enforce your intention to pursue them.  

Take five quiet minutes each day to visualise your purpose and what you need to do to achieve it. Never lose sight of it because strong purpose is one of the key pillars of Grit. 

Habit 4: Practice optimism.

Becoming an optimist guarantees that you’ll grow your Grit. Being an optimist means remaining hopeful in times of loss and tragedy. It allows you to bounce back from setbacks stronger than before. It fosters acceptance and gratitude for both the hardship and the abundance that life offers.

Practice optimism every day by simply noticing as many positive things as you can or reframing the negative into positive. In a nutshell. It’s seeing the glass half-full in anything negative around you. 

Habit 5: Mix with gritty people.

The more you hang out with gritty people, the more their grit will wear off on you. You don’t need to observe them or analyse their words or actions. Simply being around them will allow you to pick up on their habits and subconsciously absorb them.

Over time, you’ll be amazed to find that you naturally begin behaving like your gritty buddies. And who knows? Your grit can wear off on others and change their lives!

Habit 6: Find a passion.

Passions are what give our lives meaning. They keep us fired up and eager to succeed. Passions are anything you’re passionate about! They can be hobbies, educational interests or important causes like world hunger or the environmental crisis. 

Whatever your passion, make sure you pursue it consistently to keep you fulfilled and optimistic. People with grit are those whose lives are filled with purpose, meaning and passion!  


These six simple daily habits are all that stand between you and the powerful mindset called Grit.

Note the word ‘habits’ here. In order to cultivate lifelong grit, you need to practice them until they become second nature to you – and they will. With practice, you’ll gradually start to practice them unconsciously, ensuring that your grit continues to grow.

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