Do you focus on your strengths?

Let me ask you a question … as a professional are you focused on developing and expanding your strengths?

The traditional approach, that we have all been told from a young age, is to work on and improve your weaknesses.

Many people spend a huge amount of time trying to get better in lots of areas and on things that they really hate doing, aren’t very good at, and which really could be better done by someone else.

So, if you spend too much time and effort on working on improving your weaknesses, chances are all that will happen is you’ll end up with a lot of strong weaknesses! And your strengths are not getting improved and refined.

Most of us have not identified what our unique strengths are. What we do that seems effortless and obvious, may not be so to most other people.

Instead, think how you can improve the unique strengths, the capabilities that you’re already great at. We all would like to do more of the work we love to do and be more productive.

Leveraging your productivity comes from achieving maximum results with the least amount of time and effort.

Identifying and maximising your unique strengths allows you to be more productive, makes best use of your time and doing more of the work you love to do.

Have you identified your unique strengths? 
Can you list your unique skills and capabilities?

A free assessment character strengths assessment tool is available at VIA Institute on Character Take the free survey and discover your best qualities with VIA’s scientific based assessment of your unique character strengths – from the 24 character strengths we all have in different degrees.

Focussing on your unique strengths will have a significant positive impact on your professional life.

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