How to use Essential Ergonomic Tips when Working from Home

Millions of people are now taking up flexible employment options, like working from home. If you have set up in a home office, there are some ergonomic basics you should remember, to stay in top shape. 

1. Set Up a Proper Home Office

Having a separate room for your home office is the best option, but you can safely work at a desk in the corner of the living room too. Just make sure you can get a proper office desk and chair that are height adjustable to suit your body type. 

You can still use a regular chair and table and customise them to make them more ergonomic. You can raise the height of a table with blocks, and a cushion can make your chair more comfortable and better for your back. 

2. Maintain a Good Working Posture

Good posture is vital if you’re going to be productive and stay healthy. Using a laptop on the sofa or kitchen counter won’t cut it, and can lead to serious and painful neck and back problems. 

There are lots of instructions online, but two basic ergonomic rules say that your forearms should be parallel to your work surface, and your screen should be high enough, so the web address bar is level with your eyes when you’re looking straight ahead.

3. Take Regular Breaks

Even with the best posture and ergonomic furniture, your body still needs breaks. Get up and walk around every half hour, go for a walk or a run during your lunch break and or have a kitchen disco while your coffee is brewing!

Don’t forget to give your eyes a break too. Eyes can become tired and sore, and you can get headaches from too much looking at the computer screen. Experts recommend the 20/20/20 rule: every twenty minutes, look at something that’s twenty feet away from you for twenty seconds. Try to embed this habit by looking up every time you finish a sentence or hit send on an email. 

4. Eat Nutritious Food

Make sure you take a proper lunch break. If you’re at home, it should be easier to make sure there are always healthy lunch and snack options available. You’re just a few steps away from the household fruit bowl, after all. 

Keep a pitcher or water bottle on your desk so you can stay well hydrated too. 

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