April 13


4 Powerful Steps to Live Your Life Outside the Lines

Getting bored with the status quo? 

The life of an adult is not always exciting. We get into this complete cycle of work, home, and family. We do the same things day in, day out. 

Thankfully, we can enjoy the occasional break on the weekends, where we get to exercise our personalities in the ways we relax. This is how we survive by relegating our dreams and desires to hobbies.

This doesn’t always feel very satisfying, does it? 

There was a time when our dreams were vast. As children, we imagined great things for ourselves. What if you took a step back in time to this attitude and embraced it all over again? What if you took charge of your life and escaped your humdrum existence? How hard would it be? 

Not as hard as you think. Follow these four essential steps to live your life outside the lines.

Quit Doing What You Think You Should

Because we are responsible adults, we make a lot of decisions based on what we think we should be doing. 

The problem is, sometimes these decisions aren’t based on our needs so much as they’re based on the needs of other people. We don’t always decide on what’s best for us. 

It’s time to quit living by other people’s standards. For example, there are many ways to earn a living. Taking a job because someone else thinks you ought to have it is not a good reason to work anywhere. Do what’s satisfying to you. 

What Do YOU Want?

Does your day leave you feeling tapped out and empty? Maybe it’s time to shift the focus. What are the goals you would like to make? What do you want to accomplish in your life? 

It might be time to put less focus on helping other people realise their goals and focus more on yours.

Decide for Passion

We all have things we wish we could do. What are you genuinely passionate about? 

When deciding, look for ways where you can incorporate this passion. Even if you’re starting small, inserting passion into your everyday life will bring more happiness to your day. Also, by doing so, you’re telling yourself you are essential. 

Your dreams and desires matter. You have value and worth. 

Have Faith

Change takes time. Initially, it might feel awkward or even selfish to be spending time on yourself. This is where a strong belief in yourself comes in handy. 

Remind yourself of your goals and why you’re doing things often. Create a tribe of supporters to encourage you along the way. But most of all, recognise just how amazing you are. 

Your goals and dreams are exactly what you should focus on right now, especially if you’re intent on living a life outside the lines.  

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