How to get Success through Prioritisation

I’m going to let you in on a little secret. You can’t do it all, we are all limited to 24 hours per day and our energy to accomplish is limited as well. It’s also why it’s important to get good at when it comes to success. Choosing what to do when and what to focus on “right now” comes into play in a few different ways. 

Prioritisation When Setting Goals. While we may have ideas and ambitions, not all of them are feasible. Use prioritisation to define your unique version of success and start setting goals. Prioritise on goals that are exciting and attainable for different areas of your life. Being able to prioritise what’s most important right now. 

Prioritisation Based on Biggest Impact. Once you’ve determined what your goal is and what milestones you need to reach to make that goal, it’s time to pick what will have the most impact and what will move you ahead more than anything else. Let’s say you’re working on becoming debt free, and so you prioritise where you put the money.  By starting with the highest interest debt, you make the most progress. It’s not always easy to see where your efforts would have the most significant impact on other goals. You get a better feel for prioritising for biggest impact over time. 

Prioritisation Based on Your Context. We don’t live in a vacuum and life isn’t always easy. That forces us to pick and choose wisely. Working on what’s most important to us and that will have the biggest impact isn’t always possible. There may be other things you have to achieve first as steps along the way.

Sometimes our priorities have to shift based on our circumstances and our context. It happens, and it’s ok. Do what you can and get to what you perceive as the highest priorities when it’s feasible. 

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