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5 Super Simple Habits to Help You Stand Out at Work

If your career is your passion, then you’re one of those lucky people who actually love their job. Naturally, it follows that you also want to get ahead and achieve spectacular success.  You want to gain the trust and respect of your colleagues and superiors. In other words, you want to stand out and shine.

Standing out at work isn’t necessarily about working overtime or volunteering to come in on weekends or filling for absent co-workers. It can be achieved in other, more effective ways.  

Standing out in your workplace is as easy as practicing 5 super-simple habits. Their simplicity will surprise you but when you’re chosen as employee of the year, you’ll realise how powerful they are! 

1. Meet every deadline

Consistently meeting every deadline screams professionalism in every sense of the word! Nothing frustrates bosses more than an employee asking for an extension or making excuses for not completing work on time.

If possible, only accept deadlines if you’re sure you can respect them. If this isn’t possible, put in the extra time and effort – no excuses. Make sure that when that deadline comes around, your work is ready.

Consistently finishing work on time and respecting deadlines will tell your superiors that you’re organised, know how to manage your time and that you’re responsible and dependable. This will earn you big kudos indeed! 

2. Be on time

Being consistently punctual sends a clear message: you respect your superiors; you respect your co-workers and you respect your job. 

Build yourself a reputation for being the person who’s never late. Always arrive at the office on time. Be punctual at every meeting and always arrive at appointments a few minutes early.

Unfortunately, punctuality is often lacking in many workplaces so practicing it consistently will not only make you stand out but may even wear off on not-so-punctual colleagues! 

3. Don’t gossip

Making a name for yourself as the office gossip will certainly make you stand out – for all the wrong reasons!

Lay down a simple rule for yourself and stick to it: don’t gossip. Never speak about anybody behind their back and avoid co-workers who love to gossip. 

It also goes without saying that all conversations between you and any co-worker should be held in confidence. Likewise, never repeat conversations with superiors unless specifically asked to relay them to others.

How does this make you stand out? Trust … it’s a pretty rare currency these days. You’ll gain the trust and respect of everyone in your workplace and in addition, you’ll develop huge self-respect and pride in your integrity and professionalism.  

4. Dress well

Even if your office dress code is casual, always make sure you’re dressed well. This means clean clothes, ironed shirts and good quality shies. 

Great personal hygiene is super important as well. Your hair should always be clean and well-styled, and your nails should be neatly groomed. Always try to shower daily before leaving for work.

Regardless of your office dress code, you should always be impeccable groomed and presentable. This also signals your professionalism and respect for your job.

5. Hone your skills

Look for ways to hone your skills or learn new ones. Look for creative ways to get things done faster and more efficiently and suggest them to your superiors.

Also let your co-workers and superiors know that you’re learning a new language or taking a coding course, for example. This is another powerful habit that reflects your ambition and drive – something that all bosses love!


What can be simpler than these 5 habits? They may seem silly, but their effectiveness is guaranteed to make you a shining star at your workplace.

If you’re not already practicing them, the sooner you start, the better. If you love your job, there’s no easier way to show it than by developing these habits and practicing them every day. They will propel you from one shining success to the next! 

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