Essential Career Skills for Technical Professionals

Successful professionals demonstrate they are:

  • highly educated in a specific field, with specialist training and qualifications, and considerable experience in the field — gain specialist training, qualifications and experience.
  • an expert and have specialised skills and knowledge, a master in a specific field — become recognised as an expert and a master by developing specialised skills and knowledge.
  • engaged in intellectually challenging and creative work (more mental than physical) — get involved in challenging and creative work.
  • highly competent in a particular activity or process, such as problem-solving — become highly competent in sought after skills.
  • producers of high-quality work, interested in doing a job well, commitment to performing at the highest level — produce high-quality work.
  • providing a duty of care to your client, employer and the community — take on the mantle of duty of care in everything you do.
  • engaged in constant learning and improvement and moving towards mastery in your specific field — become a lifelong learner.

Essential Career Skills for Technical Professionals (ProSkills)

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