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Does your day get away from you?

Do you reach the end and wonder how in the world you’ve gotten through the same number of hours as everyone else and somehow accomplished nothing at all compared to them?

Having trouble focusing on what you want?

It might be you don’t have a clear enough image in your mind of exactly what it is you want.

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Master Your Focus Today

Learn How to Focus Better, Identify Your Distractions, and Organize Your Week.

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Master Your Focus: Online course

The MASTER YOUR FOCUS  course will give you skills to boost your focus, avoid distractions and help you to increase your concentration and improve your attention fast!



Mind Over Distractions: A Guide to Cultivate Laser-Sharp Focus

By Phil Charles | 21 February 2024

Are you constantly struggling to stay focused amidst a sea of distractions? In a world where attention spans are shrinking by the second, cultivating laser-sharp focus has become more essential than ever. Whether you’re a professional striving for success, or simply someone seeking to reclaim control of your scattered mind, this guide is for you. …

Learn How to Prioritise Tasks: Importance and Urgency Guide

By Phil Charles | 27 June 2023

Master time management with our guide. Learn how to prioritise tasks based on importance and urgency for technical professionals.

Achieve a Higher Level of Success in Your Career Through Focus

By Phil Charles | 27 June 2023

Discover how to achieve a higher level of success in your career through focus. Learn goal setting, time management strategies, and more.

How to Improve Focus at Work: 7 Tips for Career Success

By Phil Charles | 7 March 2023

“Learn how to improve focus at work, manage time, create an environment conducive to focus and more – all key components of career success!”

Creative Ways to Build Better Focus

By Phil Charles | 1 September 2022

Simply put, focus is where you put your attention. Building better focus is not something usually found in a step-by-step guide. It is a process of learning techniques and skills until it becomes a habit.  It is a process that involves starts, stops, making mistakes, and then trying again until you get better. Technical professionals…

Lack of direction, not lack of time, is the problem 

By Phil Charles | 17 June 2022

“Lack of direction, not lack of time, is the problem. We all have twenty-four hour days.” Zig Ziglar  Able to Focus? One of the greatest challenges of the modern world is to be able to focus. It’s undoubtedly a world full of distractions, which may prevent you from starting a productive day or enjoying the…

5 Simple Ways to Avoid Daily Distractions

By Phil Charles | 6 April 2022

No matter how focused you are, some days, it’s hard not to get distracted.  Life can sometimes get in the way of meeting your goals, but it doesn’t have to derail you. Here are some expert tips on how to stay on track, no matter what else is happening around you.  1. Get Organised It’s…

Hacks That Will Improve Your Focus at Work

By Phil Charles | 1 April 2022

As a professional, your focus at work suffers because of the many competing demands on our time. Your supervisors, colleagues, emails and phone calls are all vying for your attention. But you don’t have to work like that.  There are few simple changes you can start implementing that will make significant differences to your focus…

5 Tips to Eliminate Distractions to Gain Better Focus

By Phil Charles | 28 January 2022

Distractions come in all shapes and sizes and can ruin even the best laid of plans and intentions. Some distractions cannot be helped or ignored (fire alarms or crying babies), but many of our daily interruptions can be. Keep reading for five simple steps to minimising and eliminating disturbances that are keeping you from focusing…

5 Creative Ways to Build Better Focus

By Phil Charles | 28 January 2022