February 4


Managing Your Attention is More Important Than Managing Your Time

Are you ever left thinking that there aren’t enough hours in the day to get everything that you need to get done finished? 

The reality is, it isn’t time you need to learn to manage to get more out of your day, but rather you need to learn to manage your attention to get more out of your day. It may sound a bit complicated, but the reasons behind it are clear. So if you want to be able to learn to get more out of your life, keep reading to discover the importance of attention management. 

What is Time Management? Time management is when you build yourself a schedule, or a task list, where each task has an assigned time in which you will start and stop that assigned task. This is done, in theory, so that you will have enough hours in the day to get to everything you need to finish. 

Does Time Management Work? Sometimes, time management works, and you can get to everything you need to get to in a day. But more often than not, you find your thoughts and attention drifting off and quickly fall behind on your schedule. It leads to many unfinished tasks.

It is much more important to learn to manage your attention rather than your time. You can’t control time; it will pass no matter what you are doing. What you can control is your attention. If you pay attention to the things you are working on, you’ll accomplish them faster. 

Why Attention Management is More Important. When it comes to getting things done, time management often only discourages you. As mentioned above, you can’t change time. You can’t add more hours into the day—no matter who you are. 

What you can change is the attention you give to a particular task. The fewer distractions, the fewer interruptions, the more quickly you will finish said task. Learning to manage your attention is a more positive way of working than time management. Therefore, it should become more important and more of a priority in your life if you want to get things done.

Overall, although someone may tell you that you need better time management, the reality is, you should focus on your attention management instead. Attention management is a more positive way to manage your time, and it is focusing on the things you can change rather than the things you cannot. Attention management is the best way to accomplish everything you need in a day! 

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