How Can You Stay More Present in the Moment?

The term “live in the moment” is often associated with mindfulness or living mindfully. It is the ability to pay attention at the moment without judgment. A centred, conscious lifestyle frees your mind, prevents you from dwelling on the past, and enables you to stop worrying about the future. 

The past and the future are insignificant if we cannot live in the present. Your present moment is your most precious possession in life, and you should protect it at all costs. 

Everything else becomes less important when you are in the present moment with all your thoughts and emotions.

For some, staying more present in the moment can be a challenge, especially if distractions are plenty. Below are some ways to learn to be more present in whatever situation you find yourself in.

Stop Fixating. When things happen in life, especially when it is a negative situation, people tend to fixate on the outcome. Dwelling on things that have occurred can keep you from moving forward in your life. By focusing all of your attention on the incident, you can easily overlook an obvious solution to the problem. 

Instead of taking this fixated mindset, make a list of possible solutions that may be beneficial to try for the situation. It may also be helpful to make a list of the potential outcomes of each solution.

Focus on Your Senses. Staying present in the moment can allow you to appreciate the little things in life that often get overlooked. People tend to get so hyper-focused on their world that they miss things that they really should not.

Taking the time to focus your attention on your senses can be a great way to ensure you appreciate things as you move through your day. For example, instead of rushing through your lunch so you can get back to work, take the time to savour the smell, taste, and feel of it as you eat. It allows you to slow down and become more aware of what you are taking into your body.

Breathing Exercises. It is easy to get bogged down in the details life throws at you from time to time. This, more than anything else, makes it difficult to be present in specific situations, especially when the thought of taking a break to savour the moment seems overwhelming.

Breathing exercises are a method of quelling the stress and anxiety caused by the fear of not moving forward. Taking a few minutes out of your day to breathe allows you to take in the moment and stay focused on the present.

It is important to stay more present in the various moments in your life. Creating opportunities to appreciate what is right in front of you can go a long way to giving you peace of mind to move forward with whatever challenges may come.

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