What Are 6 Success Habits That Lead To Greatness?

Some people see success as an end in itself. Others despite consistent achievements in their careers, interests and personal lives, they want more. They want to achieve greatness.

Greatness is an elusive quality to describe but ironically, we all recognise a great person when we see one. Greatness is a mixture of unique character traits and successes that develop through a number of powerful habits.

Here are 6 habits that not only ensure greater success but also help build your personal greatness.

1. Keep the ball rolling

Greatness means staying passionate, driven and hungry for bigger and more outstanding achievements.

Never rest on your laurels and believe you’ve reached the pinnacle of success because this is a limiting belief. Always be on the lookout for new, more challenging opportunities because the sky’s the limit.  

This creates a continuous cycle of successes that bring both personal and professional enrichment. 

Keeping the ball rolling also means having the resilience and resolve to quickly bounce back from setbacks. Great people don’t see failure as an option, they see it as a lesson learned, experience gained and a chance for introspection and realignment of goals.  

2. Build respect through integrity

Integrity is the hallmark of greatness. It builds confidence and trust in your character and capabilities, which in turn opens the doors to more opportunities for success.

Build your integrity by staying true to yourself and being steadfast in your values and morals. ‘Honesty is the best policy’ should be your mantra in all that you do. More importantly, never resort to underhand methods or trample others on your climb to the top.

3. Know when to say no

A polite but firm ‘no’ is sometimes required when you’re pressed for time or when your values and beliefs are compromised. 

Greatness means having the self-confidence to turn down requests or offers that may hinder your success or compromise your integrity. 

This doesn’t mean that great people are uncaring or inconsiderate. In fact, many of them are very generous with their time, efforts and money. But there are times when a purposeful ‘no’ is necessary.

4. Be humble

You should be proud of your successes, but that pride should always be tempered with humility and humbleness. 

Allowing your achievements to go to your head will result in arrogance and superiority, which are the antithesis of greatness. 

Know that you’re very lucky to have the skills and qualifications that allow you to achieve success and be grateful for all the factors that came together to make you who you are.

5. Embrace criticism

Nobody is ever right all the time and great people are well aware of this. Rather than stubbornly sticking to their guns, they are open – and even welcoming of criticism.

Don’t hesitate to consistently ask for feedback from others and take the time to assess any criticism you get. Actively seek the advice of experts when you feel unsure. More importantly, always have the self-confidence to acknowledge when you’re wrong. 

6. Pursue personal growth

Cultivating humbleness will bring the understanding that your growth and learning will never be complete. There’s just so much to learn and so little time in our short lifespans!

Your journey to greatness should be a continuous quest for learning new things, honing skills and self-improvement.

This is another reason why great people are so successful. Their passion for self-growth opens new and amazing opportunities for them.   


Success in itself is wonderful; but you can go above and beyond that by pursuing greatness. Greatness not only ups your success but also has the capacity to change you for the better.

These habits are the perfect way to start your journey to greatness. Begin practicing them today and become the person you really deserve to be – your best possible and greatest self!

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