What is Strategic Living and Why is it Important?

Everyone wants something out of life, but if you’ve ever tried to achieve a major goal, you know this isn’t always as easy as it may seem. If you are working hard but still not reaching your goals, it might be time to embrace ‘strategic living’. 

Strategic Living is Having a Vision. Sometimes people confuse strategic living with having a goal, but they aren’t the same thing. Having a goal is outlining something specific that you want to achieve, while strategic living is more of having a vision of where you want to be. For example, a goal would be to get a new job that pays you more, while strategic living would make decisions that specifically lead to you saving or earning more money. 

Head in a Direction with Strategic Living. Besides just seeing where you want to go, strategic living is heading in a certain direction. Going back to the above example, strategic living when you need more money would decide to eat at home more to save money that you can invest in other ways. Any habits you can create to save or make money would be strategic planning. 

Living Strategically Means Checking in on Yourself. It isn’t enough to see and head in that general direction. Strategic living also means that you have benchmarks or status checks with yourself to see how things are going. If your strategy is to save money to invest, you would ask if what you are doing was working, when you check in with yourself. And if it’s not, you would then adjust your strategy to achieve your vision better. 

Living Strategically Will Bring You Peace. When people don’t engage in strategic living, they can often feel directionless and, the things they do in life aren’t helping them accomplish anything. This can lead to inner turmoil and stress. Living strategically helps bring your mind to peace because you know that even if it doesn’t seem like you are making progress, you are indeed heading in the right direction. No matter how you look at it, living strategically is truly a great thing. Not only does it help you develop a vision and head towards it, but it gives you a way to check in on yourself and brings you mental peace. If you want to make a major change in your life, it’s time to learn more about strategic living. Strategic living is extremely important if you want to achieve major goals in your life. 

Strategic Living Helps You Stay on Track. When you work towards achieving goals, it’s easy to get sidetracked, especially when you encounter something unexpected. When you live your life strategically, you will plan options for when things go wrong, and you will be ready for them. Strategic planning can help keep you on track even if something from your original plan goes awry. 

Having a Strategy Relaxes Your Mind. Even setting goals can be stressful for some people because you may become hyper-focused on achieving the goal and feel stressed when you don’t make any progress. When you have a strategy in life, this can help remove some of this stress and anxiety because you have a backup plan in mind. Not only that, but strategic living can take away decision paralysis and help you make decisions that will ease anxiety. 

You Will Save Yourself Time and Money. You can avoid wasting money when you have a clear idea of everything you need upfront. You also won’t waste your time on side goals that may not matter to your overall plan. Having a strategy for a goal can also keep you from wasting time and money on unforeseen obstacles. When you already have a general idea of how to deal with these obstacles, you will be ready to face them financially. You will also have a plan to deal with them, which will save you time. 

. . .

There are many reasons it is critical to have a strategy in life, but the most important reasons are to stay on track, relax your mind and save time and money as you pursue your goals, not wasting your effort on things that do not matter for your overall vision.