March 19


Why Decisive People Are More Attractive

How do we usually describe someone we respect and admire? We use words like “strong of character “, “confident”, “intelligent” and “charismatic.” We rarely use the word “decisive” but in fact, decisiveness is the core trait of attractive and successful people that makes us see them as confident, intelligent and strong. 

But why exactly are decisive people attractive and why do others seek to be around them and to emulate them? Let’s break down some qualities of a decisive person who makes them people-magnets. 

1. Decisive people are good listeners and ask the right questions

Decisive people listen more than they talk and remember the little things that others may say. This is an invaluable tool when they need to consult someone about a decision because, by drawing on past conversations, they know exactly who to go to for specific information. 

They also know how to ask themselves and others all the right questions that get to the core of a decision and the shortest possible way to achieve the desired outcome. 

2. Decisive people are always seeking to learn

Decisive people continuously pursue knowledge and self-improvement. They love learning new things, exploring ideas and developing their skills. Decisive people learn from their experiences – both good and bad – to build on successes and avoid future mistakes. 

The more they know, the more confident they are about deciding and the quicker and more efficient they can make them.

3. Decisive people are grounded in the present

You rarely hear this type of person complain about the past or express worry or fear about the future. Yes, decisive people may refer to experiences in decision-making, but they never dwell on “what could have been if…” nor do they worry about the future, which is out of their control. 

Because they live in the present, decisive people work and engage with what they have at hand to make the best decisions possible. This is perhaps why decisive people are usually very successful.

4. Decisive people have resilience

Resilience is the key trait that helps decisive people overcome failures and setbacks and enables them to bounce back with confidence and determination.

They know that failures and setbacks are inevitable, but rather than be crushed by them, they view them as valuable learning experiences that will increase their knowledge and strengthen their decision-making skills.

5. Decisive people embrace risk and don’t seek approval from others

Decisive people embrace the spirit of adventure and know that success does not come without risk. This does not mean they see decision-making as a gamble, but they understand that every decision, no matter how well-planned and studied, still involves risk. 

This allows them to decide quickly rather than exhausting themselves by delving into minute details and over-analyzing.

In the same vein, decisive people do what needs to be done without seeking the approval of others and are rarely willing to compromise with the hard decisions that need to be made. 


Decisive people are not born that way. They have simply developed the five qualities discussed in this article – and the great news is that anyone can develop them too!

You can become an effective decision-maker by simply practicing these five skills or qualities until they become habits. That’s all it takes. The mindset that these combined qualities will create is transformative. It will amaze you at how differently – and efficiently – you will approach decision-making. That you will win the admiration and respect of everyone around you is a pretty cool bonus as well! 

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