Train your brain to be your best competitive edge

The average person is inundated with information on a daily basis, and its only getting worse. With time, people are coming to realise that they need to take more charge of their mental well-being or else risk becoming overwhelmed with stress. 

These focus-improving exercises have little to do with push-ups and lunges, and everything to do with your brain. Keep reading to find out how you can exercise your brain without moving most other muscles.

  1. Move slow & level up. Improving your focus isn’t going to happen in a day or even a week. It is a slow process that takes time. This means slowly creating habits that you can build on. Once you master one of the items, or even part of it, level up by stacking another small habit on top and upping the level of the habit.
  2. List your distractions. How many times a day does a random thought or a to-do pop into your head? Keep a pen and paper handy and write down those thoughts when they come to you. Later, when you have a moment then handle it. This will allow you to get back to work quickly.
  3. Meditate. Literally the practice of exercising the mind by staying focused on one thing, typically your breathing, for an extended period. You can start by using a meditation app to guide you through the process.
  4. Practice memorisation – it takes time, practice, and focus. Start small with a short verse and slowly build what you can memorise. It is a great way to not only focus entirely on something, but it works your brain by recalling it later.
  5. Read the whole thing. How often do you only read the first and last paragraph of an article? Or read the synopsis of a book, but never read the book. Trying reading an entire article from start to finish, then move up to reading books.

Your mind is a powerful tool. However, like every other part of your body, it must be used to maintain its power.

Start practicing the exercises to start your journey to increasing your focus and mental stamina.

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